The Homework Trap: How to Save the Sanity of Parents, Students and Teachers
The Homework Trap in a nutshell
  1. Some children persistently fail to complete their homework.
  2. These children have under-the-radar learning problems.
  3. We mistakenly think they can complete their assignments when they cannot.
  4. Unrelenting pressure reinforces acting out behaviors.
  5. These children turn off to school
  6. They are at increased risk of engaging in risky behaviors when they grow up.
  7. The solutions are simple, but require a rethinking about:
    1. The meaning of "homework time."
    2. The penalties used for homework not done.
    3. A reconsideration of who has the final say for behaviors in the home.



"An invaluable resource for frustrated parents,..The Homework Trap...should be required reading for all teachers, school counselors, and principals. "

---Dr. Cathy Vatterott, Author of Rethinking Homework.

"Goldberg helps us see that homework problems develop over time and that they are educational problems, NOT moral or behavioral problems...Where was this book when my son was growing up?"

---Dr. Etta Kralovec, Co-author of The End of Homework.

"Bravo to Kenneth Goldberg for focusing his clinical psychologist's eye on the problems with homework."

---Sara Bennett, Co-author of The Case Against Homework.

I recommend the book highly to everyone who cares about children." 

---William Crain, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, City College of New York.

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The Homework Trap is a model for helping children who are persistently homework noncompliant

Understanding the trap
A Roadmap for Success
504 plans  

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    Is Your Child Homework Trapped?

  1. Do you spend hours every night fighting with your child over homework that does not get done?
  2. Will your child endure almost any punishment rather than complete his homework?
  3. Even when your child tries, does he seem to get very little done?
  4. Does your child push you away when you try to help?
  5. Does your child come home from school without his assignments?
  6. If your child does his homework, does he fail to take it in?
  7. If he takes his homework to school, does he fail to turn it in?
  8. Was he once eager and interested in school?
  9. Do parent-teacher conferences get you nowhere?
  10. Do you think about homework nearly all the time?

If this describes your life, you're in the homework trap. I can help.


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The Homework Trap: How to Save the Sanity of Parents, Students and Teachers is available through Amazon in print and Kindle form. Group purchases should be made through Wyndmoor Press.

The Homework Trap: How to Save the Sanity of Parents, Students and Teachers is available through Amazon and CreateSpace, and for bulk orders, Wyndmoor Press.

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