The Homework Trap: How to Save the Sanity of Parents, Students and Teachers

Teacher's Page

If you are a teacher who is willing to conduct a brief experiment using the concepts of the homework trap or other strategies to reduce homework, I have set up a forum where you can report the results of what you have tried. Click here for that forum.


  1. More time to teach
  2. Reduced parent-teacher conflicts
  3. Increased homework completion

More time to teach:

Right now, teachers are losing valuable time educating their students by having to review homework and deal with homework problems.  You went to school to learn how to teach, not how to grade papers. The homework trap gives you more time to do what you do well.

Reduced Parent-Teacher Conflicts:

Most parents will support you in what you are doing. Some will not. Some want to support you but find that life has become so intolerable at home, that they don't know what to do. If you don't bend on the assignments, they will not feel understand and be in conflict with you (whether directly expressed or privately felt and conveyed to their child).  By giving up control and letting them make the call, they will come on your side and support what you are doing.

Increased Homework Completion:

A child who does a half-hour of time-bound homework will get more done (and will have learned more) than that same child will have accomplished by spending all of his or her night battling over assignments. Your class periods are time-based. His or her homework time needs to be time-based as well.

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